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Y Course



Have you got questions about life or what on earth you’re here for?

Have you wondered what the church really stands for what Christianity really means?

Why not joins us for an eight week opportunity to ask your questions – any questions – hear the opinion of others and invest a little bit of time in getting the important building blocks of all our lives in order.

Join us on Monday evenings at 7.45pm in church or Thursday mornings from 25th September, 9.30am in the church centre.

There is no pressure to attend the whole course and you’re welcome to join us whenever (whether the course has already begun or not).

Please contact the church office for more details.

Explore more of what the course entails by watching these video clips….

[youtube id=”iwWqctzNdos”]

[youtube id=”Dd4g8tVIqNE”]

[youtube id=”7bu6NpnugRg”]

[youtube id=”POTXLWN1nVo”]