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Relax Update


Let us start by saying “Thank You” for your continued support of RELAX and RELAX Café. We’ve seen the RELAX events grow and develop immensely since their start in 2012, and met many fantastic young people and families.


Most of you will be aware by now that Scholtz and his family will be moving-on from Colney Heath, late March this year, to take-up a new role in Ayr, Scotland. This will mean a change for RELAX and RELAX Café as Scholtz is a big part in the planning and running of these events. During the last couple of weeks we’ve been considering how St. Marks can sustainably provide RELAX and RELAX Café for the community.


We understand that RELAX is very important to the young people of the community and so that was a huge part of our discussion process. So we’ve decided that, starting now, RELAX will run on a fortnightly basis, in term time up to July, with the occasional RELAX Café. To help you out we’ve included the dates that something will be going on.


If you would like to chat through the changes in more detail or just have a chat in general, please get in touch.  We’re always happy to have a natter.


Planned dates up to summer are as follows and all run 19h30 – 21h00 unless stated otherwise :

5th February – RELAX


26th February – RELAX

11th March – RELAX Café

18th March – Scholtz’ farewell event

1st April – RELAX

29th April – RELAX

13th May – RELAX

27th May – RELAX

10th June – RELAX Café

24th June – RELAX

8th July – RELAX Café

22nd July – RELAX